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About IIHT

Today, IT has changed the world we live in today and continues to make its presence felt in emphatic ways touching our lives repeatedly. The advent of IT has seen IIHT grow into an educational giant in IT skill gap training with a presence in over 20 countries and over 150 centres worldwide. Having trained over 10 Lakh students in the IT space, IIHT has been acclaimed as the ‘Global Pioneer in job-specific talent development’.

IIHT is India’s only company with many international affiliations such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, CompTIA, IBM, RedHat, EMC and Prometric. With its superior quality conscience and experience, IIHT has always outshined in its quality in terms of training, infrastructure and delivery. Our team of over 150 subject matter experts and trainers supervise every course to make learning more easy and effective. IIHT’s strong placement portal ensures that IIHT students get exposed to the best job offers available in the market today.

Our Mission

To develop and connect IT/ICT talents to opportunities With its rich global experience in the IT Training Services Sector, IIHT has been able to set high global practices that drive it to building relationships across the globe. From about 200 centers within India alone, IIHT is poised to establish about 200 franchise centers across the globe and now we are in Nairobi, Kenya. This global experience is also evident in its customer relationship practices which has earned IIHT an outstanding reputation amidst competition and enabled it to foray into other related areas and countries of the world.
Leveraging on the global IIHT brand, IIHT Nairobi has become operational. In Nairobi, IIHT seeks to distinguish its business by championing the potentials of IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) and high-end networking areas. Our focus is concentrated in crafting training solutions that fit every learning style, schedule and preferences.

 IIHT Nairobi will remain totally relevant championing and offering innovative high quality IT Consulting Services, end-to-end Solutions and cost effective professional training in the IT services spectrum of Infrastructure Management Systems. We bring to the market place top quality training experience, state-of-the art infrastructure and unique experiences and innovative training options.

IIHT Nairobi realizes the limitation and challenges of our educational curriculum today and the need to bridge the gap, and to create skilled manpower and jobs for our graduating students. We will equally remain active and committed to the ever growing changing industry requirements in our market for highly skilled manpower as well as positioning our people to take advantage of international outsourcing opportunities for highly skilled manpower in the IT Sector.

As computerization has proved an important aspect in improving quality services, efficiency of the workforce, convenience of business and other verticals, we are aware of the huge requirement for trained, qualified and certified IT professionals in Nairobi.


IIHT is a pioneering initiative that delivers career building IT training solutions to the aspirants, professionals, corporate and global organisations. Established in the year 1993, IIHT has excelled to become Asia’s leading IT professional training solution providers. We are highly preferred for our proficiency in IMS & Networking, database management, security and storage management training services. Now with the introduction of iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) programmes, we behold the ability to transform an individual into an industry expert, which gives us the cutting edge over others.

IIHT has its corporate office in Bangalore, with 6 regional offices located in different parts of the country. We pride our global presence, spread over 20 countries, with nearly 150 highly equipped training centres. In India, we have extended our expertise to several cities, paving way for development, engagement and recruitment of more capable skill-sets in the IT Industry.


Murali Mohan

Murali has been part of IIHT family for 20 years. An engineer in electronics, he has accumulated rich experience and knowledge from his 12 years career in Ministry of Defense as Head of Department, Research and Development.

He was part of the team that developed and commissioned automatic data handling system for air defence systems. As a result of his guidance and his distinguished chieftain, IIHT has not only spread across India but is now seeing new horizons across the globe.

He has spear headed the global operations for over a decade and IIHT has been growing exponentially under his leadership ever since. He is a leader and a mentor to the IIHT fraternity.

Murali Mohan

President IIHT

Dr Emma Theuri

Dr. Theuri is head of Mission, Indian Institute for Hardware Technology (IIHT) Bangalore, in Kenya, a Technology training institute that prides itself in Hands-On Training, and skilling the workforce for the Industry.

She is a Knowledge Manager, with over 20 years in the Education industry.  For about 13 years, she served as an Educator, a Unit Leader, and Director with US University Outreach & Extension, serving Universities of Missouri Columbia; and University of Illinois, at Urbana Champaign, respectfully.

She served in the Ministry of Education as a high school teacher in Kenya, before going to US to further her education. Dr. Theuri founded IPSCoD Kenya, to continue her work from US in Kenya, that of skilling youth and communities at large, and driving synergetic change in economic development. By skilling youth, and providing simple solutions in solving complex problems, she believes that Kenya, and Africa will evolve uniquely.

She has partnered with global Technology giants including IIHT India; EC-COUNCIL-IIB COUNCIL USA, and Tsquared Robotics USA, to leapfrog technology skills development in Kenya and Africa, in order to tackle the greatest test of Africa’s time, un-employability; and to steer the much needed transformational change.

Dr Emma Theuri

Head of Missiom IIHT Kenya