Bootcamp course in Ethical Hacking | IIHT Nairobi

Training in Certified Ethical Hacking:

Learn CEH Hands-on with IIHT's 6 Days Intensive Training. IIHT Westlands, Kenya's first traininginstitute to offer Advanced technologies training in Will-equiped labs.

The participants will go through an interactive training to examine and apply the tools and techniques used by hackers to launch attacks. Participants will also learn how to scan, test, and secure their own systems and networks. The Intensive programme gives each participant indepth knowledge and practical experience with the latest essential security systems.

Course Content: Total of 30 Modules

1 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2 Scanning Networks
3 System Hacking
4 Viruses and Worms
5 Social Engineering
6 Session Hijacking
7 Hacking Web Applications
8 Hacking Wireless Networks
9 Wireless Penetration Testing
10 Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honey Pots
11 Cryptography and SSL Streaping
12 Bypassing Firewall
13 Configuring VPN (Covering Tracks)
14 Customizing Windows Operating System And Protect Yourself from External Attack
15 Android Hacking
16 Foot Printing and Reconnaissance
17 Enumeration
18 Trojan and Back Doors
19 Sniffers
20 Denial of Service
21 Hijacking Web Servers
22 SQL Injection
23 Evading IDS
24 Injecting Malicious Packets
25 Buffer Overflow
26 Penetration Testing
27 Injecting Packet into Internet Explorer
28 Cracking Windows And Linux
29 Hide yourself and Track Anyone
30 Cloud Computing

When a participant leaves this 6-day intensive class, they will have hands-on experience, high level of content comprehension, and experience in ethical hacking, and the requisite

Training Facilities:

Training will take place at the IIHT state-of-the-art labs In Westlands, developed with the latest technologies in order to accommodate research-based delivery methods for hands-on ICT training, but more importantly, to ensure over 90% retention newly acquired knowledge.

Programme Information:

Prerequisite: People using computers in offices?
Duration: 6-Full Days
Delivery: On in our state of the art labs in Westlands
Resources: Training Materials will be shared
Certificates: An International IIHT Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the
course, and attain a 90% class attendance.