ITMS Online | IIHT Nairobi

An Overview

ITMS is one of our Post Graduate Diploma Programmes under the category of ‘i’ in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud).

IIHT is the best hands-on hardware training Institute in India.  Globally, IIHT sets the pace for IT-Infrastructure Management Services training (IT-IMS).  In Kenya, IIHT is in the forefront of preparing individuals for the emerging technologies which are in high demand, as encompassed in IT-IMS.

IT-IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) is one of the biggest drivers for IT service companies like IBM, Dell, JP Morgan, HP, KPMG, Accenture, Amazon, Wipro, Honeywell, Microsoft, Genpact, Mindtree, Cisco, and so on. 

Why Choose This Course?                                          

The IT employment industry requires well rounded individuals, with a combination of skills from various technologies. IIHT-  IT-IMS programme focuses on just that, offering individuals these much-needed skills, and catering to the newly emerging and complex industry skill requirements.

The Diploma in IT-IMS is unique globally, as it positions:  

a) College graduates to jump into professional IT-Career Paths;

b) IT Professionals are able to upgrade their skill standards, and  

c) IT-Consultants become solid, and well-rounded to increase their revenue streams.                  

Course Information:

Who Qualifies?            

Professionals with a first degree (IT or Computer Science degree not required), Corporates looking to upgrade skills for their staff, and consultants looking to increase their revenue streams. With the help of cloud based training, and strategic delivery methods, it is possible for non IT graduates to start a career in this field. Other categories: Please call for information.

Duration: Teaching contact hours = 300 hours total, 2hours a day,  covered in Two-Semesters.

What you learn?   

Curriculum includes:

COMPTIA N+ ; Windows 10 administration; CCNA,RHSA RH 200 (Red Hat System Administration), Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 – 20410, Administering Windows Server 2012 – 2041, and much more.                                                                                                                                

Delivery: Training will be delivered by a Sr. Trainer, using our Special Delivery Cloud Smart Labs Methods.

Mode of Training:  

a) Cloud Based and hands on.

 b) Portions of Hardware and CCNA Units in this IT-IMS course will be done physically at our labs in Westlands, in a 2 weeks-boot camp.       

c) The 2 -Weeks Boot Camp will be offered within the semester. You will be informed early so you can make plans.


d) For interested persons outside Kenya who might have challenges attending the boot camp, other special arrangements will be made.


e) We assess our students through:

      i) Practical’s,

      ii) Continuous Assessments and                                                                                        

      iii)  End of Course Final Assessment.

f) Final Exams will be divided into 2 parts.  Part ONE to be done at the end of the First Semester, and PART TWO to be done at the end of the Second Semester.

h) Those who pass the exams will receive an International Certificate from IIHT India.

i)  A 90% attendance to class is required for one to get the final Certificate.

j) Lateness to class will be counted as absent, and cumulatively deducted from your final attendance totals.

k) Those who pass the final Examinations will get an opportunity to post their CV on our International Job Portal.

How will this course benefit me?  

Jobs:  This course opens up a variety of jobs, consulting, and entrepreneurial avenues that you can  engage in including:  

  • Technical support specialist                                                                                                                                     
  • Field service technician
  • IT support technician
  • IT support administrator
  • IT support specialist    
  • Desktop Support Engineer,    
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Network Associate Network Administrator
  • Windows System Engineer
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Unix Administrator
  • Wintel Administrator L1/L2
  • System Administrator  
  • Windows Server Administrator
  • Active Directory Administrator
  • Network Administrator                                                         

 f) Contact us through the link given below for more information and we will get back to you.