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Every corporate knows that their organization is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. More so than even before, Vulnerability Management Systems have become the next big security concern.

The red flag is still up. Robust changes in IT architecture, and constant- complex cyber threats, are good enough reasons for organizations to re-evaluate their VM systems, and data security practices.    

This training will address Incident and VM systems that are exploited by cyber attackers. Learn how to mitigate such threats through Vulnerability Management.   

What You Learn:All 12 Modules

  1. Introduction to Vulnerability Management (VM) 
  2. Techniques to boost your VM skills and knowledge 
  3. How to increase your understanding of Incident and VM 
  4. About principles of Incident Response as it Pertains to VM
  5. How to prepare for that Inevitable Event (IE) 
  6. Incident Detection and Characterization 
  7. About VM Data collection, Data Analysis & Remediation 
  8. About the Process, Execution Reporting and Analysis.Four more modules covering advanced critical areas will be covered. In addition, lessons learned from the Industry will be shared.

Who should attend:  IT staff involved in system security management ie, System Administrators, System Engineers, Network Administrators and Network Engineers with their second levels.

Trainers:        Join our International IT Gurus to learn everything you need to know about Vulnerability Management and Incident Management principles.

Program Information:

Delivery:                      Hands ON– Our high-end infrastructure deployed in on our cloud allows access.

Resources:                 Training Materials will be shared online.

Certificates.                 An International IIHT Completion Certificate from India will be awarded to those who complete the training.

Contact:                     0722513978