Building Security Awareness Among End Users

A Certificate of  Completion-Provided

Business reviews have continuously demonstrated how well-trained help desk and other end user personnel, add directly to a company's bottom line, by helping employees work more. At this time of heightened, and continuous cyberattacks, adding knowledge and skills on basic security awareness and countermeasures to desktop end users will add even more value.  For most companies, it is not a choice, for failure to train will mean more loss of revenue, as attackers continue to use end user’s ignorance as the weakest link for penetration.

The End -User Desktop Security training provides a comprehensive understanding of basic precautions and actions that end users can take to protect the institution from attackers.

Delivery Options

  1. 2 hours a Day: This programme is offered 2 hours a day for 4 weeks at our center or at client’s premises.
  2. 40hrs a Week:  Boot Camp and Accelerated: Employees attend a One-week Boot Camp at our center or at their premises.
  3. ON-LINE:  Options A and B above are offered ON-LINE using IIHTs Cloud Platforms.
  4. Trainers are Sr. ICT Industry Oriented International Trainers.


After completion of this 12module course, participants will be able to:

  1. Carry out daily services with secure browsing techniques
  2. Take measures to protect data security & prevent data destruction
  3. Become aware of email Phishing, & Messaging
  4. Understand how their Desktop and email activities can promote or prevent hackers from penetrating the systems.
  5. Be cautious about their Mobile Devices and actions they can take to increase systems security.
  6. Learn skills to handle passwords to prevent or reduce attacks
  7. Learn skills on Social Engineering to prevent system penetration and data destruction
  8. Learn techniques to prevent their social networks from being used as penetration avenues.
  9. Be able to protect the institution from attacks by being the first shield to watch and keep the desktop safe from intruders.
  10. Learn basic codes to prevent any Encryption from destroying
  11. Learn to Physically Secure desktops and minimize actions that open up for attackers
  12. Learn techniques to keep data safe and be able to retract and retain it after an attack.

Programme Information:

When to enroll: Corporates can request for group training any time. General enrollments in September, Nov., Feb.,  April, June, August

Who qualifies: People using computers in offices

Duration: 40 hours

Delivery: ONLINE using our Cloud platform or face to face methods described above.

Assessment: Online final examination

Resources: Training Materials will be shared online.

Certificates: An International IIHT Certificate will be awarded to those who complete the course, pass exams and attain a 90% class attendance.

The online platform: Will allow students to access the trainer for questions