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Full Stack Program UI/UX Application Development with Java

Duration Time
216 Hours

This full stack program using Core Java Skills for developing applications with popular and proven technologies such as AngularJS , and HTML5. The emphasis is on developing a fresher in to a Full stack application Developer with high-quality content including real production quality code development. After completing this full stack program successfully, you will be ready to design and develop applications by learning the main principles, best practices, and most important concepts.

Even a complete fresher to the Software development concepts, can understand and optimize the Software Development life cycles with Devops tools GitHub, able to integrate Jira and GitHub, with simple continuous integration implementation.

The most important objective of any project is the satisfaction of the client and the end-user. This program provides you the skills to understand the User Experience design (UX) and design the applications to meet the expectations of your end users. You would understand the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and “delight" provided in the interaction between a user and product. It's about making your apps intuitive, easy to use, and most of all –equipping you to be effective at solving problems.

Success Oriented Preparation Model
Get industry exposure from IT experts
Get hands on experience in latest technologies
Real life Scenario project